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Locul 1, Olga Cataraga – ART EAST

Anul acesta locul 1 a fost ocupat de catre Olga Cataraga din Chisinau in cadrul Festivalului de Creatie Vestimentara ART EAST de la Iasi, care a prezentat o colectie extraordinara bazata pe elemente de stil ale artitecturii gotice. Caracteristicile acestei colecții sunt aplicațiile contrastante, jocul țesăturilor transparente și dense – piele artificială, tricotaj, organza, tul. […]

Loc 1 – Olga Cataraga – ART EAST – TEASER

A fabulous collection in an unrivaled game of shadows bordering with light ! Stay tuned, soon will be the presentation of the entire collection “LIGHT & DARKNESS” by Olga Cataraga from Chisinau, who took the 1st place at the ART EAST Fashion Creation Festival from Iasi. Videography: Facebook: StudioUP

3rd place Mihaela Dvornic, Chisinau

Mihaela Dvornic from Chisinau, was ranked 3rd on the podium, with the “Gate of the Nation” collection at the “ART EAST” Fashion Design Festival from Iasi. The “Gate of the Nation” collection is an eulogy to the traditional rural house. The collection is a prêt-à-porter clothing set (ready to wear). The basic shapes of the […]

ART EAST 2017 editia a II-a

The Student Culture House from Iasi in partnership with Palas Iasi, the Veilss Association and Academy Show Models Iasi organized on June 4, the “ART EAST” Fashion Design Festival of Iasi, at the second edition. The “ART EAST” Fashion Festival is an artistic cultural manifestation at national level, in the form of a competition, to […]


Nanette dresses inspire and amaze with the beauty of their design and the uniqueness of each dress. Photos and timelapse: Stefan Isarie. Filming, assembly and post-processing: Constantin Isarie in collaboration with PerfectReflections

Flowers of IE

On Union Day, Iasi is adorned with Flowers of Ie. On January 20th, Flower will take part in a special event, within the National Museum Complex “Moldova” – Cultural Palace, Voievodozilor Hall, on the occasion of the festive days for the celebration of the Small Union in Iasi, organized by the City Hall of Iasi. […]

ART EAST Fashion Creation Festival – first edition

  The first edition of the Festivalul de Creatie Vestimentara “ART EAST” Iasi, which took place in Iasi, a student-specific event, represents a project that gives young designers the opportunity to affirm themselves in the field of fashion creation. The builder of this contest was Craiova, represented by Andreea Micle, a prize he deserved! Second place was […]

Polina Cenac – Presentation IE Ciocarlie collection at ART EAST Festival Iasi

   Fashion creator, Polina Cenac, director of Pollymag, participated at the Festivalul de Creatie Vestimentara “ART EAST” Iasi as a guest and presented the beautiful collection Ie Ciocârlie. In the popular calendar, on June 24, Sânzienele or Drăgaica are celebrated. The name is probably taken from Sancta Diana, a silversmith goddess. In popular belief, Sânzienele are beautiful […]

Nicoleta Duliba – Widow collection presentation

  NICOLETA DULIBA (Nicoll Nico), 2nd place winner of the Festivalul de Creatie Vestimentara “ART EAST” Iasi, is a student at the George Enescu Faculty of Art and Design, I-year master’s degree, Fashion Department. The Widow collection has as the source of inspiration the black widow, for which reason it has been chosen to use dark-colored […]

Teaser – Marian Bulbuc ECOdesign, ART EAST

Special guest at the Festivalul de Creatie Vestimentara “ART EAST” Iasi, Marian Bulbuc, designer at ECOdesign.